Pawan Kalyan Taking Unnecessary Risk with BJP?Janasena President Pawan Kalyan the other day assured Amaravati farmers that the Capital is not going anywhere and he would speak to the Central Leaders to stall the State Government’s efforts to displace the capital. He even added that he has specific information from Delhi about not allowing the Three Capitals.

Minutes after Pawan Kalyan‘s assurance, BJP leader GVL Narasimha Rao said that the subject of capital came under the state’s purview and that the central government had no role in it. He even added that BJP – Janasena Coordination meeting in Delhi is no way related to Amaravati.

Janasena supporters are very much worried about what is going on regarding the Capital. They feel worried if Pawan Kalyan is being intentionally misled and that may backfire politically. “BJP Leaders themselves are not following a common line. Pawan Kalyan is blindly trusting them,” they say.

“BJP drove Chandrababu on similar lines on the issue of Special Status. Naidu wasted some crucial time trying to keep the alliance floating believing that the Central Government will do something to satisfy the people. Finally, they abandoned him. We can only hope they do not do the same with Pawan,” they added.