Pawan Kalyan - Ram- Charan-Pawan Kalyan was admitted into hospital as he was dehydrated by the sun stroke and after treatment, he was discharged from hospital. Ram Charan met him at Pawan Kalyan’s Vijayawada residence and then tweeted about Pawan Kalyan’s health. Even Upasana Kamineni Konidela extended her support to Pawan Kalyan hoping that people’s true choice would win.

But, the opposition parties are saying that Pawan Kalyan‘s sun stroke and hospitalization were among the election stunts to gain sypathy for the upcoming elections. We know that the sun stroke happened just before elections and therefore, there will be mixed opinions as people will have different opinions as they support different parties.

Though Ram Charan is not actively campaigning for Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena, he is taking care to show that his uncle has his moral support. One must agree that the election heat is more than the Summer heat wave. Therefore, the contesting candidates cannot afford to miss even a day even at the cost of their health.