Pawan Kalyan - YS JaganYS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Pawan Kalyan hate each other so much. Pawan Kalyan despite changing many alliances always aligned himself opposite to Jagan.

Jagan hates Pawan Kalyan for supporting CBN in 2014. He believes if not PK he would have come to power in 2014 itself. We have seen him making very personal comments on PK’s marriages etc.

After 2019, Pawan Kalyan started referring Jagan as Jagan Reddy. Meanwhile, Jagan stopped taking Pawan Kalyan’s name and always refers him as ‘Dattaputrudu’.

But then, this is something Pawan Kalyan should correct. While referring Jagan as Jagan Reddy, he appears like making a casteist comment and that will only irk the Reddy community. Something not necessary for Pawan.

At the same time, while referring PK as Dattaputrudu, Jagan is constantly trying to establish the relationship between CBN and PK. That will suit the political agenda of YSR Congress.

While calling PK as such, Jagan is actually making a point politically but Pawan is not helping himself or Janasena by addressing him as Jagan Reddy.

If Pawan Kalyan does not want to address Jagan Mohan Reddy normally, he needs some nomenclature which will help Janasena politically. Even though a rival, PK should take a cue for Jagan on this issue.