Pawan Kalyan Should Sacrifice In 2024 As Well Janasena President Pawan Kalyan had made some crucial comments regards alliances for 2024 elections.

“Janasena always made sacrifices for the state but it not going to be the case in 2024. Whichever party we ally, they should give good number of seats to us. Or there is no alliance,” Pawan Kalyan said.

He also cited a Bible line – ‘Thanani Thaanu Thagginchukunevaadu Hechimpadanu’ as an advice to TDP revealing his inside.

But then, political analysts say Pawan Kalyan’s wish may not be fullfiled.

“Problem is not Pawan Kalyan expecting or TDP giving or not giving. YSR Congress has some good number of guaranteed seats in Rayalaseema. Janasena is too weak to get sizeable number of seats and win them,” they say.

“There is a chance that the seats given to Janasena may become easy picks to YSR Congress. That means Pawan Kalyan may become easy path for YSR Congress’s re-election,” they add.

“If Janasena were to get a good number of seats, there should be a miracle turnaround by 2024. Pawan Kalyan should pull out something which he could not in the last eight years. Or else he should be the one to sacrifice,” the analysts say.