Pawan Kalyan Should Immediately Address This IssueJanasena President Pawan Kalyan is in the middle of his Janasena Porata Yatra. After a two days of break, he is sitting for a One Day Nirahara Deeksha for the victims of Uddanam Kidney Problems. The Janasenani has drawn huge crowds everywhere he went.

But then, Political Observers who have watched the Yatra from Close Quarters say that Janasena Party is lacking an Organizational Structure. “Young People are coming in Big Numbers but there is no system to channelize their energies,” a Political Observer said.

“There is no system even to inform the Road Map of Pawan Kalyan to fans and supporters. They are coming after knowing his schedule from media and the social media. Many are rushing in the last minute after knowing from hearsay,” he added.

The Problem looks simple on paper but this will become a hindrance in the elections. Elections in India is a very big exercise and it can not be handled easily without proper mechanism to utilize the resources at disposal. Pawan Kalyan Should Immediately Address This Issue