Pawan_Kalyan_Loose_TongueJanasena President Pawan Kalyan, the other day, clarified alliances once again. He almost hinted that he is going to the elections with TDP and seat-sharing talks are on.

At the same time, he seems to be trying to squeeze more seats.

We are almost one year into the elections. Since the 2019 elections, Pawan Kalyan placed himself opposite the TDP. It is not easy for the vote transfer to happen if there is an alliance.

So, TDP and Janasena can not delay the announcement.

When Pawan Kalyan is keen on going with TDP, Janasena supporters are abusing Chandrababu and Lokesh day in and day out. We have seen that happen in the Kapu associations meeting and even in the Janasena public meeting the other day.

If this is happening right before Pawan Kalyan, we can understand how it is on the ground.

This kind of environment will make vote transfer very difficult in the coming days.

Pawan Kalyan should rein his leaders and cadre from creating such a hostile environment. He should say no one is allowed to speak on alliances except him. Or else, he should accelerate and make a final announcement about the alliance sealing all speculations.