Pawan Kalyan Senses Chandrababu Naidu Coming Back to Power?Janasena President Pawan Kalyan gave an Exclusive Interview to Eenadu this morning. Going by the interview, Pawan Kalyan appears tilted towards Chandrababu even though he tried to place himself equidistant to both the parties. He has reservations with both the parties but the issues are more with Jagan.

The interview very much looks like Pawan Kalyan‘s 2014 interview but with a tinge of criticism on Chandrababu Naidu. Jagan may have brought this himself by continuously targeting Janasena through his Sakshi Media. Every day or other, we see Sakshi publishing Venomous Articles on Janasena on a daily basis.

Pawan Kalyan severely objected KCR trying to interfere in Andhra Pradesh Elections on the behalf of Jagan. “Going by the Ground Situation, KCR’s Return Gift for Chandrababu may turn into a Gift”, Pawan Kalyan opined. Does this indicate that Pawan Kalyan is sensing the Comeback of Naidu?

The Janasenani also criticized Jagan for being silent on Viveka’s Murder while doing so much of Hungama for Kodi Kathi. Pawan Kalyan summarized all his hate on YSR Congress with one line saying that if Jagan comes to Power, there will be anarchy and the leaders will encroach the hills. If at all, AP elections may lead to a Hung Assembly, Janasena may not take the side of YSR Congress.