Pawan Kalyan Risking Another Embarassment?After a long time, Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is going middle of people. He is going to attend a Public meeting in Narasapuram on February 20th and this comes at the time when there are reports that sitting MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju is going to resign and may face a By-election.

There are rumors that Raju may join BJP and contest the By-election as it candidate. If that happens, it will backfire on Pawan Kalyan. By visiting Narasapuram at this time, he is sending a message that Janasena is serious about contesting from Narasapuram.

At the same time, if Raghu Rama Krishna Raju joins BJP, there is no way that BJP will leave the seat to Janasena. That will be a big embarassment to Pawan Kalyan. Already Pawan Kalyan faced the same embarrassment when he was not allowed to contest in Tirupati.

So it will be better if Pawan Kalyan gets clarity over the seat before rising the hopes of Janasainiks about Narasapuram.

In 2019, Mega Brother Nagababu contested for Narasapuram Parliament on Janasena ticket and had to satisfy with the third position.