Pawan Kalyan Repeating Praja Rajyam Mistake?

Pawan-Kalyan-Repeating-Praja-Rajyam-MistakePawan Kalyan’s Janasena Party suddenly started aiming guns at the Opposition, Telugu Desam Party. Its social media wing alleged that Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has misused the Public Office and paid his family’s hotel bills from the State Exchequer. These allegations were in the public domain for a long time and TDP finally clarified the other day.

It has released the bank statement of Chandrababu’s wife, Bhuvaneshwari from where the hotel bills were paid. Janasena’s ego is hurt with the rebuttal and it has started firing salvos on the Opposition Party. This led to a full-blown war between the supporters of both the parties in social media.

Pawan Kalyan seems to be repeating the same mistake as his brother Chiranjeevi previously. During the Praja Rajyam days, Chiranjeevi and so used to target TDP and used to go relatively soft on the then Congress party. That has costed Chiranjeevi and we all know what happened later. Fighting with the opposition now will take Janasena nowhere.

Pawan Kalyan, the other day, announced his march for construction workers on November 3rd or 4th in Vishakapatnam. TDP is also suspicious about this move as the party appears to be targeting areas where TDP is strong. In recent elections, TDP has majority seats under Vishakapatnam city despite the rout.

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