Pawan-Kalyan-CarsPawan Kalyan had been preparing the stage for his political voyage in Andhra Pradesh. He recently registered his Varahi vehicle which will be extensively used for his election campaign in AP.

Now, Pawan has registered another 6 vehicles in Telangana today and here’s an interesting update in this regard.

Pawan registered as many as 6 new vehicles later in the day yesterday under the supervision of Telangana Transport deputy Commissioner K Paparao. The registration process started at 3 PM yesterday and it was completed in 30 minutes. Pawan was given pre-fixed slots in order to avoid accumulation of fans at the office.

Pawan registered a Mercedes Benz car, 2 Mahindra Scorpios, a Toyota Welfire car, 1 jeep, and 1 transport vehicle.

This vehicle fleet could well be used in Pawan’s election campaign in Andhra Pradesh. Well, Pawan appears to be coming strong and long for the much exciting 2024 AP election saga.