Pawan-Kalyan,-Please-Wake-Up-Before-It-Is-Too-LateAP NGOs President Ashok Babu was seen campaigning against Modi Government in Karnataka. Ashok Babu was often seen as TDP man by the Opposition Parties and they are trying to use this against him to settle long-pending scores.

They say according to the service rules, Government Employees supporting any political party and making political comments is illegal and he should be suspended. YSR Congress is trying to propagate that using its Sakshi TV and Newspaper.

BJP is gearing up to complain to the Governor. Everything is fine until now but then Janasena has announced that it will go to the Court against Ashok Babu and the government if action is not taken on him. But then, this stance of Janasena is sending a wrong message.

People are asking why Janasena is disturbed by Ashok Babu’s campaign against the Modi Government? They are questioning if Janasena wants BJP to win the Karnataka Assembly Elections. Unnecessary things like this will only damage the reputation of Janasena.