Pawan Kalyan Over-Involved in Owning BJP?It looks like Janasena President Pawan Kalyan had harbored very high hopes on the alliance with BJP. He did something unimaginable for a party president on Twitter the last night. AP BJP Co-in charge, Sunil Deodhar went on to say that Capital Shifting does not have the approval of the Central Government.

He alleged that it is the conspiracy of the Ruling and the Opposition parties in planting stories that Jagan had the blessings of Modi and Shah. Everything is fine at this level. But Pawan Kalyan took a screenshot of Deodhar’s statement and tweeted from his own account.

“Rumours being spread by both ruling and opposition that ‘Shifting of capital from Amaravati’ with the consent of the Centre is a lie. We strongly condemn it,” he wrote along with the screenshot. This has baffled everyone because it is the duty of BJP’s Spokespersons to carry and spread its leaders’ statements.

Pawan Kalyan seems to be over-involved in owning BJP. The Saffron Party is playing a double game with respect to Amaravati. It may backfire on Pawan Kalyan if he tries to own everything the BJP does.