Pawan Kalyan out of the Box or Being over Creative - Anantpur RecruitmentJana Sena Party has invited for the recruitment of the party’s activists in Anantapur. The party claims to have got more than 3600 applications for that. Jana Sena is going to conduct written test for them this month-end and it will go on for three days.

This is the first time a Political Party is recruiting its activists with written tests. Even the candidates who have applied are not sure of what they are going to do after getting selected. This is a sort of political experiment and we do not know what the Jana Sena people are expecting from that.

The Question is that if the same methodology is applied to the entire state and if people thus selected can really connect to the masses on ground. Some suspect if this is a usual political gimmick but Pawan Kalyan will end up selecting the people who he wants like all political parties do.

In the Press Note of this, Jana Sena asked its cadre to be careful of those trying to bring a bad name to the party. So, Jana Sena already started suspecting coverts? Are they going to have some system in place to filter such moles from entering into the party?