Pawan Kalyan Politician Bad Quality Shy Behavior Talk SpeechJana Sena President Pawan Kalyan had finally clarified that he will be contesting next elections as MLA and that would mark his entry to Politics and from now, his every action and word will be dissected politically and through the lens of Politics. We see at some of the statements made by Pawan Kalyan in the last two days.

While referring to Political Corruption in TDP government and Amaravati catering to the needs of only one caste, Pawan Kalyan chose his words very carefully. He did not say that it is happening but said he is hearing about that and Chandrababu should retrospect. That ‘Hesitation’ is one really bad quality a politician should not believe.

A Politician should believe something and try to convince the people with his view. This edge of the line approach will not work at all. And in the interaction with College Students in Anantapur, he was asked about his stance on Caste-based Reservations. He went on to say he has clear opinions but is in a delicate position to speak about that.

Again that ‘Hesitation’ comes to play here. Opinion about the ruling party and opinion of reservations on the sidelines of Kapu Agitation are two important things a leader in politics should speak about but when you make sure you do not have a strong opinion for yourself on that issue what will people understand?