pawan-kalyan-old-habits--die-hardLast one week or so, the State is talking about a single topic about Amaravati. The farmers who have given their lands are extremely worried and have hit the roads demanding that the State Government should roll back its decision of trifurcating the Capital into three. The rest of the state is also divided about if this is a good decision.

National Media did not hesitate to call this a Thuglaq act. All the political parties are doing something or the other about the issue which suits their agenda but Janasena is totally missing from the scene. As soon as Jagan made the decision, Janasena simply said it would wait for the Cabinet Decision.

Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi created all sorts of confusion by lending support to the move. Even the Mega fans are vertically split over that. Pawan Kalyan is untouched by this frenzy and has gone to Russia to his in-laws’ place for Christmas Vacation. We are not sure if he arrived but Janasena released a Press Note that the party would discuss the issue in detail on the 30th of this month.

This is an old habit of Pawan Kalyan staying away from the heat of the moment and thereby losing the Political advantage. Janasena is confined to just one seat in recent elections due to his lack of interest but it looks like Old Habits Die Hard.