Pawan Kalyan Needs Not One But Two Walls to LeanJanasena President Pawan Kalyan threw enough hints in the last couple of days about the truce with the BJP. Pawan Kalyan justified his attempt saying that he has no issues whatsoever with the BJP except for the Special Status. In fact, Chandrababu Naidu also did not have any issue with BJP except for Special Status.

After a disastrous election, Pawan Kalyan is under tremendous pressure. With he himself losing in both the seats, People were writing off Janasena and he needs to instill the confidence that the party will sustain. He needs the support of a big party like BJP. With the kind of resources at BJP’s disposal, it will give a sense of guarantee to Janasena.

However, in democracy, people will judge you by the election results. The immediate test for Janasena would be the upcoming local body elections in Andhra Pradesh. However, BJP itself does not have the base to show any impact in these elections. So, for this purpose, Pawan Kalyan would want TDP as well on their side.

But that would mean solving the issues between TDP and BJP which is again not simple. Maybe keeping this mind, Pawan Kalyan, the other day, said things would be different if Janasena, TDP, and BJP contested together. Another question here is something happening in AP Politics that we could not see now?