Kapu_Community_Pawan_KalyanJanasena President Pawan Kalyan used to be very cautious of his image earlier. Before the 2019 elections, Pawan Kalyan used to be a worried man to get associated with the Kapu community fearing caste branding.

In fact, Kulala Prasthavana leni Rajakeeyam is one of the founding principles of Janasena.

But Pawan Kalyan’s attitude seems to have changed drastically in recent times. He may have realized the consolidation of the Kapu voters is important for him to sustain in politics.

But he made it too open the other day in the Mangalagiri meeting.

“Everybody calls me a Kapu leader. But the Kapu community does not recognize me as their leader. How will we win if Kapus do not vote. If Janasena wins, it is the victory of Kapu community,” Pawan Kalyan says.

In his speech, Pawan Kalyan tries to incite the community to polarize behind him.

Pawan Kalyan is of the wrong notion about community politics.

Even though he said he would not do Kapu politics, he always selected Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka where the community is present in big numbers. The community voted for him on a big scale and if not, he would not come in second place or so close in both seats.

Even if Pawan Kalyan polarizes or not, there is no way 100% of a community’s votes will go to the same community person.

Caste politics will help only when there is a wave in favor of a party or a candidate. Such a wave is not there for Janasena in 2019 hence Pawan Kalyan lost. Instead of creating that wave, if Pawan Kalyan tries to incite caste politics, it will only backfire.