Pawan Kalyan AP Tickets issue JaganYS Jagan-led Andhra Pradesh government started imposing unannounced restrictions on the Telugu film industry from the day of Vakeel Saab’s release.

Everyone thought the government’s restrictions on Vakeel Saab was a one-time thing, but that wasn’t to be. The government has now imposed pre-fixed ticket pricing and 4-shows per day restrictions, which has come as a rude shock to producers, distributors, and everyone involved.

What was initially considered as an AP government vs Pawan Kalyan war has now turned out to be AP government vs Tollywood war. As Tollywood’s situation is already dire, Pawan Kalyan is adding more fuel to the fire.

Speaking at a public meet today, Pawan said “The AP government thinks they can hit on my financial prospects by imposing restrictions on my films. If they are so very persistent, I know how to handle the situation. If needed, I will run my films for free in Andhra Pradesh.” Pawan’s fans who attended the event were seen applauding as he made this comment.

But Pawan Kalyan should note that is not just about it him. He might be willing to run his films for free in Andhra Pradesh, but that is not the case with other producers and distributors who have lined up their films for release. They are hoping that the Jagan-led government will listen to their plight and do the needful.

As Tollywood is trying to pacify Jagan and his Co., Pawan Kalyan comes out, poking Jagan and messing up the ecosystem further.

While Pawan Kalyan might not be the one who started this fight, he should keep the greater interests of Tollywood in mind and speak accordingly.

Tollywood is already on a ventilator, owing to Jagan’s wrath and the last thing the industry people want is Pawan Kalyan poking those in power.