Pawan-Kalyan-May-Be-A-King-in-Films,-Not-Even-A-Knight-in-PoliticsAll the TV Channels have rallied to air the Exit Polls as soon as the Polling time for the last phase of General Elections is completed, all the channels have shown sensational unity in predicting that Narendra Modi is in here for one more term. Coming to AP, as expected, they are divided between TDP and YSR Congress.

If there is one common pattern in all the surveys, it is the prediction about Janasena’s Performance in this election. Not a single survey did even give the remotest chance for Janasena. The hopes of the likes of Nagababu and JD Lakshminarayana entering the Parliament looks like a distant dream from here.

Those surveys which talked about the Assembly Seats did not even give a chance of Pawan Kalyan winning both of these seats. No survey gave more than Five Seats to Janasena. That means the performance is not even comparable to Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party which is a tragedy.

If these Exit Polls come true, Janasena may barely survive to be in contention for 2024 elections. Such a result may also tempt Pawan Kalyan to go back to films which is the only place where he can be a King.