Pawan_Kalyan_VarahiA few days ago, there was a frenzy about Pawan Kalyan’s Election Vehicle, Varahi. The modified vehicle resembling an army tank sporting olive green color became a topic of discussion in AP politics.

We have seen Andhra Pradesh ministers saying it violates Motor Vehicle Act and would not be registered.

But Telangana Transport Department cleared it and gave a registration number.

Even then, Minister Gudivada Amar said they would not allow it to ply on AP roads even if it registered in Telangana.

But then, Varahi entered Andhra Pradesh as Pawan Kalyan performed Vahana Pooja for the vehicle at Indrakeeladri Durgamma Temple.

A sea of fans mainly youth welcomed and rallied with Varahi in Vijayawada.

The visuals indicate Pawan Kalyan has thrown a challenge to the establishment saying ‘Manalni Evadra Aapedhi’.

It is clear that Amar and the Government had given up on the challenge.

Amar and Perni Nani have gone way too much in throwing challenges even though they know Varahi has cleared the registration. Now, it will be an embarrassment for them and the Government.