Pawan Kalyan - Social MediaPawan Kalyan and Janasena Party have an excellent following on social media platforms. While some political parties spend money in building their social media strategies, Janasena has completely failed to make use of its strength on social media.

Ever since that defeat in 2019 elections, he has stopped tweeting from his personal Twitter account. Mostly we only see him retweeting the tweets of Janasena Party and some Birthday Wishes to BJP National leaders. There are very few tweets he directly posted.

The last such tweet was posted on November 21st and it was a long thread on some Jagan Government. Even those very few direct tweets are not so interesting. There is absolutely zero engagement and interest on his Twitter account.

Already he does not post anything about the films. He stopped posting about politics. Probably, his account is the most inactive Twitter account among the Telugu celebrities. One tweet from his Twitter account easily becomes News for the media.

The fact that he is completely neglecting it is disappointing fans big time. As a result, Janasena is also not much into the media these days. With elections just two years away, fans are hoping that things will change fast for good.