Pawan Kalyan Janasena TDP AllianceJanasena President Pawan Kalyan’s indirect hint about the alliance with TDP has become a storm in the media and the social media. The announcement has surprised Janasainiks more than anyone else.

Even though there are enough hints that Janasena and BJP alliance is failing and Pawan will ultimately move to TDP, but they continued to ignore. They were even ignoring BJP which belittled Janasena at every stage.

BJP helped YSR Congress by not allowing Janasena to contest any By-election after 2019 and also denied Janasena a chance to grow politically. Still the announcement has hit Janasainiks like a thunderbolt.

We can see them disapproving of the alliance on social media. Pawan Kalyan made the right move dropping the hint well in advance. This time will allow them to come to terms with reality.

Once that happens, the alliance will work out and the transfer of the votes will happen.