Pawan Kalyan's Love Letter to TDP, But is it Fair?Ever since the YSR Congress came to power, there is an acute shortage of sand which brought the construction across the state to a standstill. The situation did not improve even after the government announced a new Sand Policy early this month. The workers are starving as there is no work for several months now.

In solidarity with them, Pawan Kalyan has called for Chalo Vishakapatnam on November 3rd. Pawan Kalyan, a little while ago, took to Twitter and sent an indirect Love Letter to the Principal Opposition Party, Telugu Desam Party to Join Their Protest.

“As responsible Political parties, we must all come together in their support and make the Government understand the pain and anguish of the suffering people are being subjected to by a lopsided sand-policy. Since BJP and the Communists have already responded on their behalf, I urge remaining Political parties also to rise to the occasion and express solidarity for 3.5 million construction workers on Nov3rd in Visakhapatnam,” Pawan Kalyan posted on Twitter.

This seems to be a double tongue act by the party. Janasena Social Media Wing is targeting TDP in Social Media equating it with YSR Congress. We have seen both the party supporters taking head-on in Social Media only a few days ago. Now, Pawan Kalyan is seeking TDP’s support. IF the Opposition has to work united, there should be extended to every issue.

Janasena can not use TDP in one issue and dump it in another issue. On the other side, TDP supporters say that Pawan Kalyan should have voluntarily extended support to TDP’s agitation on the same issue which happened a few days ago.