Pawan Kalyan's Lethargy Biggest Problem Of JanasenaThe last leg of local elections is completed in Andhra Pradesh. The final results of the municipalities will be out tomorrow. TDP and YSR Congress have taken the elections seriously. Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh focused on Kuppam and also campaigned there.

Even in the other places, we have seen the leaders taking the elections seriously when compared to the previous local elections. The ruling party, on the other side, has deployed all its resources. We have seen the Ministers and MLAs working hard so as to impress the Chief Minister ahead of the cabinet expansion.

BJP which is almost non-existent in Andhra Pradesh also put some effort. We have seen BJP President Somu Veerraju and other leaders touring places where the party has some presence. Irrespective of the results, they have put in some effort. But then, Janasena is totally missing.

Pawan Kalyan is totally confined to Hyderabad shooting for his Bheemla Nayak. He did not come to AP to campaign anywhere. Even the party’s Number 2, Nadendla Manohar is missing from the campaign. That has left the party’s local leaders to do the heavy lifting. This kind of lethargy in Pawan Kalyan is the major problem for Janasena.

Political parties are valued by the electoral successes they get. There is no serious effort by Pawan Kalyan on that front. Even the intent is not shown to the public. These are the last elections in Andhra Pradesh before the 2024 assembly elections (unless there are any by-elections) and Pawan Kalyan gave it a miss.