Pawan Kalyan's Legal Team Comes Up With A Bad Reply to Srini RajuWe have seen a video of Janasena President Pawan Kalyan in which he is in an animated discussion with more than a dozen lawyers a couple of days. But after all that discussion, the Janasenani seems to have come up with a lame reply to the legal notice served by Venture Capitalist, Srini Raju.

We have all seen Pawan Kalyan alleging that Srini Raju has got Sri City from Chandrababu. He alleged that Srini Raju spent 10 Crore to get his mother abused. But in the reply to the legal notice, Pawan Kalyan did not mention about that and said it is a fact that Srini Raju has shares in TV9 and Sri City.

Supporting his allegations, Pawan Kalyan went on to say that law does not forbid him from expressing his feeling on Twitter. But then legal experts say that law does not allow the Freedom of Expression to anyone to malign anyone without any concrete proof. He went on to say there is no insinuation or allegation is a figment of Srini Raju’s imagination.