Pawan Kalyan Is Nothing Before Jagan: Janasena MLARapaka Varaprasad is the sole MLA who won on Janasena ticket in 2019 elections. But he later defied the party line and is continuing as an Unofficial MLA of YSR Congress.

In an interview, Varaprasad spoke about the difference between Jagan and Pawan Kalyan.

“I asked him to have a meeting in every constituency and be available to all the cadre. Janasena has so much of cadre but that did not translate into votes in 2019,” Rapaka said.

“You are a star. You have Lakhs of fans. They just need a photo with you but they could not reach you. Despite having huge fan base, Janasena only got 1500 votes in many constituencies,” he told.

Rapaka also analyzed the reason for this failure. “You can’t say I am not going to become the Chief Minister. People will also think we can vote for him when he has a chance. People will only vote if he becomes the CM and help them,” Rapaka said.

“I moved with Jagan during the Odarpu Yatra. He used to eat some curd rice or dry fruits. He walked desperately with hunger with an aim of becoming the Chief Minister. That determination Jagan has lacks in Pawan Kalyan and that resulted in Janasena’s failure. He is nothing before Jagan,” the Razole MLA said about Janasena’s failure.