Pawan Kalyan Farm House
Pawan Kalyan is just back in Hyderabad after finishing a vacation in Russia. The actor is back in the city when the Omicron scare is gripping the country. He is supposed to conduct a Review meeting of Janasena in Mangalagiri yesterday but it has been canceled due to the Corona scare.

This has come as a big disappointment for Janasainiks who are unhappy that Pawan Kalyan is not giving enough time for the party. There is no single review meeting even after horrendous results in the Local polls. But with the given conditions, there is nothing much anyone can do.

On the other side, he was supposed to resume the shooting of Hari Hara Veeramallu this week but that is also put on the backburner. The film’s shooting was stalled in 2021 January owing to the second wave of the coronavirus. Pawan Kalyan himself contracted the virus in the second wave.

Pawan Kalyan will not be returning to the sets or political meetings until the COVID conditions improve in the country. The actor has shifted to his farmhouse in the outskirts of Hyderabad to cool his heels until everything is normal.