Pawan Kalyan Is a Non-Serious PoliticianJana Sena President, Pawan Kalyan is reviewing the Progress of BJP led Central government as 2016 draws closer. He is posting a series of tweets taking one topic a day. But then the fans themselves are confused about what is happening. The actor cum politician who campaigned for BJP in the last election shifted his stance now and that is evident.

But then the supporters could not understand why the Jana Sena President is picking up age-old issues all of sudden which everyone forgot. Further, the tweets are giving a feeling that someone is writing for him and he is just publishing them. Moreover, it appears like he has no opinion about anything but is going forward by media narrative.

He even supported Rohit Vemula who led candlelit rallies for Terrorists and Umar Khalid who gave out slogans against Bharat Maata. Pawan Kalyan used the coverups of Caste and Freedom of Speech just like those involved and the opposition did.

In one of the Tweets, JNU University is mentioned as JNTU which usually portrays the lack of proper understanding of the issue. But then Pawan Kalyan quickly corrected saying that its a typo. But then, fans are worried that such tweets without proper understanding of the subject will portray him as a non-serious politician.