Pawan Kalyan Is a 'Going by Tide' Politician?Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan like all our media houses started reviewing the events of the year. He started it by stating his issues with BJP. But then most of the issues he chose indicate that he is another ‘Going by Tide’ Politician. To keep it single, another politician who is dictated by the popular narrative.

Cow Slaughter, Rohit Vemula Suicide, Patriotism, Demonetization and Special Status are the five issues he has taken. The first three issues clearly indicate Pawan Kalyan is going too much by the narrative of the media houses with vested interests.

Pawan Kalyan can definitely not generalize BJP with the random Cow Slaughter events and can not blame BJP for anything the pro-Hindu organizations do. Rohit Vemula as we all know is a misguided youth who even supports Terrorists in the name of downtrodden castes.

All the three issues can be seen in the way how we want to. Pawan Kalyan had chosen to see it other way and pin down BJP. Demonetization is a good intent bad implementation scheme while BJP can be put in docks for Special Status issue. Probably, Pawan Kalyan better only speak about the state related issues.