Pawan Kalyan Invokes Center in Andhra Pradesh's Sand CrisisEver since the YSR Congress came to power, there is an acute shortage of sand which brought the construction across the state to a standstill. The situation did not improve even after the government announced a new Sand Policy early this month. The workers are starving as there is no work for several months now.

Janasena Party has called for Chalo Vishakapatnam on November 3rd. Pawan Kalyan and Janasena leaders will sit for a protest in the Port City demanding that the government should immediately make sand available and that too at affordable rates. On the other side, a construction worker, Naga Brahmaji of Guntur committed suicide due to no work.

Pawan Kalyan had announced One Lakh Assistance on the behalf of Janasena Party to the deceased man’s family. It is also interesting to see that Pawan Kalyan appealed to the Central Government to look into this and come to the rescue of three million-plus construction workers in the state.

It is interesting to note that Pawan Kalyan has invoked the Central Government in a State issue. To Trouble Jagan?