Pawan-kalyan-Chandrababu-naiduIf the reports in the media are to be believed, Telugu Desam Party is rolling out an invitation to Janasena President Pawan Kalyan to its annual Mahanadu. Pawan Kalyan who campaigned vigorously for TDP and BJP combine in the last elections, was upset with the state government’s stand on land pooling in Amaravathi. He even openly announced his dissatisfaction on the government in couple of occasions.

This move of TDP if true can be seen as a patch up work with the actor cum polician. Normally famous politicians across the country will be invited to the Public meeting after the Mahanadu. Pawan Kalyan may attend this meeting they say. It is interesting to see if Pawan Kalyan attends this event after that not so good terms with the state government.

In case Pawan Kalyan do not want to attend Mahanadu, a TDP political event. He may be invited to NTR Jayanthi program on May 28th. The land pooling issue will be deciding Pawan Kalyan’s future course of action in politics. He can take up this issue and use it as a propeller for his political future. In that event, 2019 elections will be very interesting to watch!