Pawan Kalyan Intervenes In Time between Renu and Some Miscreant FansJanasena President Pawan Kalyan has decided to end the controversy of his Ex-Wife Renu Desai’s Second Marriage. Some of the miscreant fans of Pawan Kalyan are abusing her and threatening for getting married once again. These are getting extensive coverage in the media.

There are demands that Pawan Kalyan should rein them. Finally, he did that by wishing Renu Desai on Twitter. “My wholehearted wishes to Ms.Renu garu for entering a new phase of happiness.I wish and pray Almighty & the Mother Nature to bestow upon her abundant health, peace, and prosperity (sic),” Pawan Kalyan Tweeted.

This wishes of Pawan Kalyan are expected to pacify those miscreant fans and ensure that they take it sportively. Pawan Kalyan did the right thing at the right moment which will provide Peace to the former actress as she enters the new phase of life.

Since he is in Public life, Pawan Kalyan is taking care of every minute detail which will otherwise showcase him or his fans or the party in poor light. The problem is so intense that Renu Desai did not even reveal the identity of her new husband to prevent backlash from that miscreant fans.