JD Lakshminarayana -Pawan KalyanFormer CBI JD Lakshminarayana has quit Janasena Party. He went on to say that Pawan Kalyan going back on his word of not doing movies reflects his unstable nature and so, he is not interested to continue in the party. This has come as shock for Janasena’s Rank and File.

Shortly after the resignation, Pawan Kalyan gave a Press Statement accepting the Resignation. In his defense, Pawan Kalyan went on to say that he does not own Cement Factories, Mines, Power Projects, and Milk Factories to survive in Politics without any income.

He concluded the letter saying that he and Janasainiks will still have Lakshminarayana in high regard. The very last line signifies what Janasena had lost. Lakshminarayana is a leader with a clean image in the people. The example is he getting more votes than Pawan Kalyan in the Gajuwaka segment.

Leaders like him add a lot of value to the party but for some reason, Janasena failed to utilize his services since the start. Normally such leaders should be the Second Face of the party but Pawan Kalyan chose someone like Nadendla Manohar which is the biggest mistake. Usually, Pawan Kalyan in previous such instances used to write “I wish you the blessings of Jaganmatha’ indicating that Jagan is behind the quitting but it is not the case here which tells about JD’s clean image. Letting JD go will have a huge political impact. Positive if any the party has got by the alliance with BJP may be lost once again.