Pawan Kalyan In Union Cabinet: Who Will Lose/Who Will Gain? Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to expand his cabinet very soon. Local media has been abuzz with the rumors that Janasena President Pawan Kalyan will be inducted into the cabinet after nominating him to Rajya Sabha. These rumors are not coming out the first time. We have seen such speculations several times in the past.

If Pawan Kalyan is inducted into the cabinet, there will be no immediate political gains for BJP in AP and Telangana. But that would increase Pawan Kalyan’s stature in politics. Such a move can be useful for BJP in the next elections in AP and Telangana. But then, Janasena may not benefit much from such a move.

There are allegations already that Pawan Kalyan is not doing enough for the party being busy in films. He will become further busy with this elevation. Also, such a move may give an impression that Pawan Kalyan is not serious about state politics. Moreover, there is no other leader in Janasena who can oversee the party affairs in the state while Pawan Kalyan is busy in politics.

It will also cement BJP and Janasena alliance forever sealing a permanent partner for BJP in AP and Telangana. If Pawan Kalyan can not devote time for Janasena, BJP at some point make an offer to merge Janasena or at best the part will continue as a very minor partner for the Saffron party. BJP, however, will use Pawan Kalyan’s elevation plank to woo the Kapu voters and youth who are fans of the actor. Let us see how Pawan Kalyan will respond to this offer if it is really offered!