Pawan Kalyan in All Praises for His JanasenaPawan Kalyan Tweeted on Tuesday appreciating the supporters of Jana Sena party for their help to the need at NIMS hospital. JanaSena supporters on Sunday distributed 25,000 valid notes with the exchange of old 500 and 1000 notes to the people in front of the emergency ward at the hospital.

As it was a holiday on 27th, patients, and their family members were facing a high trouble to manage the expenses at the hospital. With Jana Sena’s gesture, people at the emergency ward exchanged their banned notes. As lot came for exchange, Jana Sena run out of cash soon and said the people there that they would come back with the money again to exchange.

Though the thought was for a good cause, this exchange caused a little disturbance at the hospital, by which hospital staff requested Janasena to leave the premises. After all the supporters got the appreciation of their beloved leader.