Pawan Ignores Alliance Talk After Meeting ModiJanaSena chief Pawan Kalyan met with prime minister Modi today at Vizag today and several important topics pertaining to Andhra Pradesh politics came to the discussion in the same.

Incidentally, Pawan Kalyan didn’t speak anything about ongoing alliance between JanaSena and BJP. He mostly confined his talk to Andhra Pradesh politics and related developments.

“Following my meeting with Modi, I understood that he has prioritized the fiscal development of Andhra Pradesh. I feel my meeting with Modi will yield positive results to the state.” Pawan Kalyan said.

Pawan recently said BJP didn’t give him a clear roadmap and he is having to look for other alternatives politically. Then he met with Chandrababu Naidu, leading to JanaSena- TDP alliance.

After meeting with Modi, one expected Pawan to give some clarity on the alliance with BJP, but that wasn’t to be. We need to wait till an official development in this regard before drawing conclusions.