Pawan Kalyan, Pawan Kalyan JDS Party Campaign, Pawan Kalyan JDS Campaign Karnataka Elections, Pawan Kalyan Supports JDS Political PartyPowerstar Pawan Kalyan is busy with his films and is staying aloof from politics despite there are several controversial issues gripping both the Telugu States. The actor is said to be maintaining strategic silence over the issues even though there is a criticism about his stance at this crucial juncture.

On the other side, there is a sudden demand for him for the upcoming Karnataka elections. In order to grab votes on the Karnataka-Andhra-Telangana border, including the Balija community votes, both BJP and JDS parties are trying to rope in Pawan Kalyan to win some seats in these areas.

Pawan Kalyan campaigned for BJP here in the last elections but it will be suicidal to do that again since BJP’s image is at all time low in Andhra Pradesh. Some of the JDS leaders are trying their level best to rope him in. It has to be seen if Pawan Kalyan will change his political stance all of sudden and go against BJP. And there is also no rationale of campaigning in Karnataka while being inactive in Telugu Politics.