Pawan Kalyan Has Vote In Both the Telangana StatesEvery Indian Citizen can vote only at one place in the country. But then there are instances of people have voted at multiple places and to weed out those bogus votes, Election Commission is proposing linking of Aadhar with Voter Id.

While the linking is yet to happen due to legal issues, the Election Commission is being lenient in weeding out multiple votes. For an instance, Pawan Kalyan has a vote in Andhra Pradesh as well as Telangana. Pawan Kalyan registered his vote in Eluru so as to contest in Andhra Pradesh in the next elections.

But his vote in Khairatabad (Hyderabad) is still intact. Pawan Kalyan should have transferred his vote from Hyderabad to Eluru but he chose to register once again there. Below are the pictures for the Election Commission Sites of AP and Telangana.
Pawan Kalyan Has Vote In Both the Telugu States

Pawan Kalyan Has Vote In Both the Telangana States