Pawan_Kalyan_CPM_Leader_MadhuPawan Kalyan’s comments about alliances for 2024 have become a point of discussion in Andhra Pradesh Politics.

CPM leader Madhu, however, fired that Pawan Kalyan had no ideology.

Speaking to the media on Monday, he said it was unfortunate that Pawan was talking about alliances without talking about the promises made during the bifurcation.

“In the past, he made an alliance with the Left parties and the BSP. Now he is saying an alliance with the BJP and the TDP. Looks like Janasena does not have any ideology,” CPM Madhu commented.

He also revealed that in the 2019 elections, Pawan Kalyan went all of sudden to Uttar Pradesh and allied with BSP without informing them even though they are allies.

Janasena, BSP, and Left alliance proved to be worthless in the 2019 elections. Janasena won only one seat while the rest of the parties did not even open accounts.

All the parties could not even garner deposits in around 150 seats.

As a result, Pawan Kalyan dumped left parties and immediately reached out to BJP after the 2019 results.