Pawan_Kalyan_TDP_Alliance_YSRCPPawan Kalyan made crucial comments about the alliance with TDP the other day. He clarified that an alliance is needed for 2024 and going alone can be suicidal.

At the same time, he assured party fans that he will never do anything that disrespects them.

“The alliance will be there only if we get respect. Or else, we are going alone. Why will I do anything that disrespects you?” he said.

It is quite common for Pawan Kalyan and his fans to expect a respectable number of seats.

But then, the amount of respect Pawan Kalyan gets will be directly proportional to the winning chances of the YSR Congress.

Janasena supporters can expect 50-70 seats. The more seats Janasena is given, the easier it is for YSR Congress to get those seats and the remaining from some bastions in Rayalaseema and reserved constituencies.

The Opposition may end up in the 2009 scenario. Back then, TDP performed well but committed the mistake of giving more seats to TRS. Congress managed to come to power by taking the home majority of seats given to TRS back then.

Pawan Kalyan has to stop being ambitious if he has to harbor hopes of defeating Jagan in 2024.