Pawan Kalyan -Got Carried Away So EasilyThe other day, Janasena party has announced that Pawan Kalyan will go to Tirupati and campaign for the BJP candidate the next week. This comes a week after reports of friction between both the parties. Sources said that Pawan Kalyan is vexed with BJP’s recklessness towards Janasena.

The Janasenani was keen on teaching a lesson by not campaigning in Tirupati and even severed ties with Telangana BJP as a warning. AP BJP President Somu Veerraju got alert and made a public statement accepting Pawan Kalyan as the Coalition’s CM Candidate.

At this point, Pawan Kalyan has agreed to campaign for BJP. Janasena even released a Press Note with a heading ‘Sri Pawan Kalyan is cent percent the Chief Minister candidate’ which indicates how Janasena got carried away by that one statement of Somu Veerraju.

Janasena Supporters are not at all happy with this development. “Janasena has come to a position it is celebrating Somu Veerraju’s assertion about PK being CM candidate. In a coalition with BJP, it is an insult if Pawan do not naturally become the CM candidate. Moreover, this is not an assertion by Modi or Amit Shah. Veerraju will definitely illtreat Pawan Kalyan after using him in Tirupati,” they lament.