Pawan Kalyan Going The Jagan Way?YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has this habit of sounding like he has a Personal Enmity on Chandrababu Naidu. We often find him abusing the Chief Minister rather than fighting on the issue. At some instances, he even asked people to stone or hang Chandrababu.

Even though not to that extent, Pawan Kalyan is also taking the same path now. All of sudden, Pawan Kalyan is raking the issues of the past like Chandrababu dethroning NTR, Earning through Heritage etc. Chandrababu did not dethrone NTR after 2014 Elections and Heritage is not established after Naidu assumed office.

Pawan Kalyan ignored all of them back in 2014 and now questioning on such issues will not be good on his part. He will only sound like another opportunistic politician. Even on several issues, he is raking now like Defections, Amaravati, and others, Pawan Kalyan never spoke about anything in the four years.

These allegations are marring the actual issues and are showcasing Pawan Kalyan just as any other politician. It is a dangerous trend for a party promising a Change. Such speeches will get Whistles and Cheers from his fans but will not work much with the normal people. So, its better he retrospects his strategy.