Pawan Kalyan Gets Special Invitation from the GovernorGovernor of both the Telugu States, ESL Narasimhan will be hosting a Special Dinner named ‘At Home’ in Raj Bhavan for both the Chief Ministers and other Political Leaders of both the states on the occasion of Independence Day.

For the first time, Raj Bhavan has sent an invitation to Jana Sena President, Pawan Kalyan as well. Pawan Kalyan will be attending the event, Jana Sena sources say. Pawan Kalyan this morning hosted the Tricolour at Jana Sena office in Hyderabad.

The other day, the actor cum politician took to Twitter and has greeted the people on the occasion of Independence Day tomorrow. He termed it as the only festival for all of the people in the country while there are festivals for different people on different days.

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