Pawan Kalyan - Bandla GaneshJanasena President Pawan Kalyan has given up hopes on Telangana. The party did not take up any activity in Telangana after the 2019 elections. It has extended support to BJP in GHMC elections without taking a single corporator seat.

Later in a media conversation, Pawan Kalyan said that it is not easy to run a party indicating that Telangana is a close chapter for Janasena. But then, it may be done for Pawan Kalyan but not for his Bhakt, Bandla Ganesh. The producer is in news after he pulled out of Prakash Raj’s panel in MAA elections and announced independently contesting for the General Secretary post.

Bandla is using the Mega tag to win in this election. This morning, he tried to play to the galleries by making a Pro-Janasena tweet. He went on to say that Janasena will be a force to reckon with in Telangana politics as well. But then, with Pawan Kalyan himself giving up hope on Telangana, does this matter?

The responses for the tweet are also diverse for a similar reason.