Pawan Kalyan Forced A Change in Donald Trump's Mindset?H-1B Visa holders in the USA are in the state of terror since Donald Trump assumed Power in the USA promising to drive away the migrants and make more jobs for the locals. Recently Janasena President Pawan Kalyan on his USA Tour and interacted with many Senators and even wrote Letter to President of USA asking them to address the issues.

Usually, such things will happen and they are a part of the routine. It is obvious that our politicians can not force a Policy change in other countries, especially in the Big Daddy Nation. The other day, Trump surprised everyone promising Positive changes to H-1B visas, including a path to potential citizenship.

A functionary of Janasena Party and its supporters have started celebrating this change in Trump’s mindset saying that Pawan Kalyan’s representation brought in the change needed which will help the migrants a lot. “This is the Power of Pawan Kalyan,” the jubilant fans claim. But then, they are being mocked further on these claims.