Pawan Kalyan Finally Realizes The Need for Alliances?The Topic of alliance with TDP has come in Janasena Extensive Level Meeting in Mangalagiri the other day. The party leaders told Pawan Kalyan that they are being asked about a possible alliance in Local Body Elections and they asked the Janasenani to give clarity about it.

Pawan Kalyan reportedly told them we shall discuss with all the leaders and decide. Earlier in the meeting, Pawan Kalyan mentioned how Janasena, TDP, and BJP worked together in 2014 to give a good rule for Andhra Pradesh. He added they had to differ in 2019 due to some reasons.

“Janasena differing with TDP and BJP has helped YSR Congress and the party is in power as a result,” Pawan Kalyan said. Janasena overestimated its strength and ignored the need of alliances in the recent elections and paid a hefty price for that. It looks like Pawan Kalyan realized it now.

Janasena which just managed a single seat in the last election is going to fight for its existence in the upcoming Local Elections. But they pose an even bigger challenge because Janasena has absolutely Zero Grass Roots level machinery which is crucial to fight such elections.