Pawan-Kalyan-Fans-Endlessly-Waiting-for-The-Twitter-War-to-EndJanasena President Pawan Kalyan seems to have watered down the hopes of his Fans and the party Supporters with a damp squib Twitter War on the media. With the hype given by Pawan Kalyan, there is an excitement if he is going to expose the media.

But then with Ravi Prakash Episode, they not only understand Pawan Kalyan does not have the necessary material but also understood the vulnerability of the backroom of Janasena. They also understood that this will lead the party to nowhere.

“Most of us in the social media is aware of the Ravi Prakash Episode, but it just came to his notice. He may not be aware since he is not into Social Media back then. His Backroom seems to be so weak. This only damaged the party,” a Senior fan opined.

Almost everyone has their problems with the media. Every one of them eagerly waited to see Pawan Kalyan does something drastic to corner the media. Instead, he only strengthened their argument of Pawan Kalyan lacking the political subject.