Pawan Kalyan Falling Behind Somu VeerrajuPolitics is a race. The horse that runs fast wins the race. No one really cares for the horses that are in the last position. We are close to two years away from the next elections and the race has started. Usually, in the first three years of a new government, the Opposition does not get enough issues to fight.

But things are a lot different in YSR Congress rule. For every couple of months, we see the Government taking some controversial decision landing itself in the soup.

For in instance, in the last few days itself, we have seen issues like Casino in Gudivada and the PRC issue of Government employees.

Janasena is totally falling back on these issues. Even BJP is proactively trying to corner the state government in these issues. BJP President Somu Veerraju and leaders like Adinarayana Reddy have extended their support to the employees.

Somu Veerraju on Tuesday got arrested while going to Gudivada on the Casino issue. But BJP’s alliance partner, Janasena is completely missing. The party is confined only to releasing Press Notes about the issues. Pawan Kalyan has gone missing totally for several months now.

If Pawan Kalyan and Janasena could not even match the speed of AP BJP, the party have some serious issues to deal with, one should say.