Pawan-Kalyan BJP BreakupFor a while now, Pawan Kalyan had been sceptical about continuing the alliance with BJP. Today, he made a very interesting commence in this context and even hints at breaking up the alliance with the saffron party.

Pawan Kalyan addressed the media today and he expressed indicative dissatisfaction with the BJP high command.

“I intend to fight for the common public who are facing a lot of injustice. But the BJP is not coming up with a road map for the same. So, I have changed my strategy now. I respect Narendra Modi but I will never be his bling follower” Pawan said.

The fact that Pawan said he respects Modi but has changed his political strategy might be a clear indication that he is looking to sever ties with the saffron party. This comes at a time when BJP is repeatedly announcing they will travel together with JanaSena in 2024.

A couple of times in the past, Pawan said he is still waiting for BJP’s roadmap. But this time, he has announced that he has changed his strategy. This strengthens the aforementioned point.

Pawan had also breathed fire on the YCP government and stated that he would go head to head with YS Jagan in Andhra Pradesh.

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