Pawan Kalyan Does The First Thing Right About JanasenaJanasena President Pawan Kalyan is naturally enjoying the fan following he has got from his films but the fact is that he has done terribly wrong about the party’s Organizational Setup till date. In fact, saying that he did wrong, it is better to say he did nothing.

But for the first time, he did something right. That is starting a dedicated IT center for the party. He inaugurated it the other day and said 800 Techies will work round the clock voluntarily. TDP and Janasena are two parties with huge potential in the online space.

But then, TDP’s Online supporters are scattered without any direction. Janasena is going to channelize their strength totally through this IT center. Social Media and Social Messaging Platforms are playing a crucial job in forming an opinion in the people about politics in the recent times.

So, the IT Center is a step forward in the right direction. But then, the challenge is to use them constructively and to erase the aggressive image that Pawan Kalyan film fans carry. The voluntaries who work round the clock are called the Shatgni Team.